Comme Ça Restaurant in Cosmpolitan Las Vegas

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl at Comme Ça
Paulna enjoyed a light desert after a perfect lunch at Comme Ça

After an emergency meeting with an Undersecretary of Chile’s President Piñera at the Bellagio, Consul Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl was joined by the Jonathan Warren, the Consul of Monaco, for a late lunch.  Deciding to try one of the new restaurants at the Cosmopolitan, they made the easy walk through the Bellagio to City Center and the Cosmo’s third floor of restaurants.

Realizing that most of the sumptuous venues are closed between 3:00 pm and 5:30 as they get ready for the dinner crowd, they settled on trying the bar menu at Comme Ça, the French restaurant and where we had seen Steve Wynn at the VIP grand opening. 

Paulina ordered the Ocean Bisque, a soup made from various sea creatures.  “It was wonderful!”  She says, “Made with no cream and containing sumptuous chunks of various types of fish in the smooth, hot bisque.  It was both flavorful and filling!”

Consul Warren had the French Dip.  It is served on a soft potato roll instead of the typical sour dough.  The meat was of exceptional quality and freshness.  The French Dip is often a means for a chefs to dispose of day-old bread and dry roast beef, but this was certainly not the case here!   Consul Warren rated this as the best French Dip he had ever had, which is saying something when he has had them all over the US and France.    He says he is already craving another. 

For dessert (pictured) the pair shared three tiny ice-cream filled pastries, topped with crystalized sugar.  Consul Warren also had an espresso.  Both were the perfect chaser for a sumptuous lunch!  Prices were far from insulting, and a bargain when considering the surroundings.

They reported that the service was exceptional, as they have come to expect in Las Vegas.  Plenty of staff was entirely knowledgeable and at the ready always.  This of course adds to the luxurious atmosphere.  Comme Ça is impeccably designed, with no surface untreated.  The restaurant section has an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip, and a balcony open for dinner as well.  Both are looking forward to trying dinner by Chef David Myers too!

One thought on “Comme Ça Restaurant in Cosmpolitan Las Vegas”

  1. Comme Ca in Los Angeles is on Melrose just blocks from my place. Positively delicious! Didn’t realize it made it to Las Vegas, appreciate knowing to share with interior designers. Thanks for the post!

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