Offer Your Home

We develop and manage vacation rentals.


Chez Paulina creates well appointed luxury vacation rental properties, from owners seeking top-dollar rents and the utmost in maintenance.

If you have ever wanted to explore the possibility of offering your property as a short-term rental, we will be happy to provide you with a free, detailed study and proposal for your proprty.  Then, let us do all of the work and handle all of the maintenance, while you still make most of the money.  Some restrictions apply depending on your area, and it is important to stay in compliance with local rules and regulations.  Not all properties nor all neighborhoods qualify.

Have you ever thought about offering your home as a vacation rental, but couldn’t quite get a handle on the maintenance and hospitality end of the business?  You are not alone.

Our system allows you to make the bulk of the rental income from short-term rentals, without handling the ongoing and arduous work involved.

Our duties:

  • Interior design and configuration for optimal vacation rental response and profit
  • Advertising and marketing – locally, domestically and internationally, internet, print and in-person
  • Booking and payment including credit card payments, wire transfers, foreign currency conversions, etc.
  • Guest welcome and access management
  • Guest services and communications
  • Home inventory establishment, tracking and management
  • Damage guarantee and damage repairs
  • Cleaning and guest-related maintenance
  • Detailed home damage reporting
  • Stocking of soaps and paper products
  • Telephone service

You provide only the fully furnished home with utilities and cable, and the standard maintenance and repairs (not those directly related to guest damage).

Typical rents for vacation rentals are 50% – 100% greater than those received in standard rentals.  Contact us for a free, confidential and quick evaluation of any property in Las Vegas.

Homeowner Advantages:

  • ‘Top dollar’ rents
  • Immaculate maintenance – home shows beautifully if you decide to sell
  • Virtually no management to deal with
  • You retain the use of your home for yourself of your guests whenever you like

Why move all of that furniture and rent your home to someone who will wear it out and leave?  Contact us today for a free, confidential Vacation Rental Property Evaluation.

702-989-CHEZ  (2439)




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