What is Design Consulting?

You’ve obtained or identified the perfect property after much consideration.  Now the design industry wants you to turn it over to someone who is supposed to be an expert on on what you will find conducive to your life, taste, business and daily use.  You probably feel that you are more capable than they expect.  I believe you are too.

Interior design is no longer the realm of the contractor.  Today, most business people and consumers have become much more attuned to the design of environments around them, and how such factors influence comfort and luxury, how elements can be good or bad for business.

Truth is, you can do it yourself.

What I offer

1.  In-Person Consultation and Implementation; or

2.  Online Courses

  1. Consultation:

Rather than taking over your design process by contracting as your interior designer, I contract for a fraction of the cost as your design consultant, for a daily flat fee, for only as long as you need me – no contracts.  You control the funds and make all purchases.  This method saves you a fortune, not only by eliminating much of what the traditional interior designer charges, but also by adding my experience in design, purchasing, contracting, execution and installation.

  1. Develop your design concept – You and I first go over what you’d like to accomplish with the space.  The kind of feeling you’d like it to exude and the image you want to portray.  Artifacts, photos or sentimental items from your own life experience, family or profession can be integrated into the design, making it uniquely yours.
  2. Identify suppliers and vendors, estimating costs – You and I will determine where you would like to purchase furniture, fixtures or equipment, as well as what contractors you would like to use. My decades of experience in dealing with such subjects may prove useful.
  3. Purchasing Assistance – We go shopping together for the items you need.  My professional discounts are extended to you without cost or mark-up.  You buy like I buy, and with my assistance negotiating the actual purchases.
  4. Scheduling and Installations – With my experience you’ll find it much easier to make sense of timing and payment for deliveries, installations and finish work.
  5. Publicity Management  – My work has been in the press routinely, providing me with wonderful relationships for publicity of your project if you like.  Conversely, I am likewise able to maintain complete privacy, based on your objectives.


What in-person consultation costs

You may decide you need my services for only a day, or for a year.  There is no contract, you can stop any time.  Travel and location costs (such as outside Las Vegas) are extra of course, and the schedule is of course limited by availability.  Please don’t hesitate to inquire.  No project is too small or too large.  I’m excited to hear your plans.

Daily:  $1,500

Weekly:  $7,000

Monthly: $20,000

Previous projects include:

  • Thriller Villa – the former home of Michael Jackson in Las Vegas
  • Liberace Garage – New museum space for Liberace’s cars
  • Liberace Steakhouse – Monrovia CA
  • Liberace Mansion  – the former home of Liberace in Las Vegas
  • Domenico’s Restaurant – Monrovia CA
  • Fairy Cottage – the Bradbury hills, CA Tudor used in Disney film
  • Many Las Vegas VIP hotel suites
  • Numerous vacation properties
  • Lots of homes

Or, take my online classes and do it yourself!

2. Courses:

I produce short, specific video classes on design topics I’m most asked about. These courses include where to get the exact materials, equipment and appliances you’ll see me utilize, as well as the design implementation.

Courses are low cost and sometimes free!

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