5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. love the site. and when the italy property is up let me know. that is on richard’s list of things to do again. maybe in 2011 since 2010 will be a wedding for our daughter in costa rica…

    1. We will look forward to it! Vitiano, an Italian Castello, will be available here next week. An hour north of Rome, next to Orvieto, spectacular hilltop villa. Who else is joining us?!

  2. Hi I am a returning customer. I stayed at your full house in 2010 and I fell in love with it. i would like to know your rates for the house again for the weeks of 8/21-27, and I am also interested in your property in Jamiaca because I would like to travel there around my birthday in decemeber. Can you please provide me some further infomation. I am very pleased with Chez property!


  3. I saw info on scheme weddings and event site of a wedding done at the thrilla villa in 2013. I was very interested in inquiring some info in how i could come about of arranging a surprise wedding photo shoot for my future wife. She is fascinated and in love with the villa. If you can please contact me at my email address with some info to make this wish of her’s come true I will be very appreciative. Thank You again.
    P.S. – wedding is May 30th 2015

    Jack Guzman.

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