Chez Paulina’s next project: Liberace Mansion

The Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts has contracted Chez Paulina and Warwick Stone to design the interior of the famed former home of Mr. Showmanship, including the installation of his original furnishings and art. We invited Zar Zanganeh, a member of the Advisory Board of the Liberace Foundation, to take OK! TV on a tour. They’ll be back to see the “after” effect!

Las Vegas Convention Paricipants Seek Private Residences

Even the most inexpensive hotels often can not compare to the convenience of a private residence for Las Vegas conventioneers.  Many find that the ability to store their wares on-property, as well as to have private exhibitions and parties in the luxurious private residences themselves at little or no extra cost, is a well-kept secret.

With many private residences just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the ability to rent a larger home is very attractive.  With fully furnished down to the luxury linens, with kitchens completely decked out and ready, amenities like pool tables, private spas, free WIFI, theater rooms and more, it is easy to see why attendees at popular Las Vegas conferences and conventions such as COMDEX, the Consumer Electronics Show, World of Concrete, the Promotions Products Association (PPAI), the Photo Marketing Association, the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, the Adult Entertainment Expo,  the World Market Center Winter and Summer Las Vegas Markets, the International Sportsman’s Expo, and many more are seeking out private residences during Las Vegas conferences.

Book now for your Las Vegas convention or conference.

Private Residences Fill Up Quick for World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker (WSOP) Las VegasThe premier poker event in Las Vegas, the World Series of Poker, continues to pack the house.  When online poker as an industry was attacked by US regulators in 2011, more players flocked to Vegas to legally compete for dollars they used to win online.  Add to this the need for camera time in order for those who have sponsorships, and you can see why the result is a more crowded field, longer play and a vast array of new spin-off tournaments.

The need to stay and play for pay has brought about even more demand for short-term rental of furnished private residences.  Virtually every vacation rental in Las Vegas is rented from June 1 until mid July to WSOP players.  Chez Paulina specializes in facilitating accommodations for this event.  Private residences, fully furnished down to the linens and chef’s kitchens are our specialty.  Many properties allow pets, and the number of rooms lets players pool resources while free WIFI keeps them in touch.

Early booking is certainly required for the WSOP.  All homes have sold out for every tournament, every time.  Book online or call Paulina at +1 702-989-CHEZ (2439)

Las Vegas mansion designer lands Luxury Living show on Wealth TV

Chez Paulina congratulates our dear friend Nico Santucci on the announcement of his new show. 

Nico has interests in several properties offered by Chez Paulina, and he has played host to our events including the tremendously successful Cocktails with the Consuls.   His latest endeavor is sure to be a hit!  Congratulations, Nico!

Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen is a secret no more

Looking for a light, early dinner on a Saturday in Las Vegas’s west end, we remembered Review Journal’s recommendation of Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen, on Durango near Lake Mead Dr.

Nattaya’s is nearest Chez Paulina properties Casa Muñecas and not a long drive from Lady Luck Manor or Vegas Vineyard Villa.

Paulina Enjoying dining at the Bar at Nattaya's Secret KitchenThe restaurant is known for it’s tiny size.  In fact, the previous restaurant to occupy the space was actually called “Six Tables”, because that’s all they had.  Nattaya’s manages about eight tables and a lively bar with another ten seats.  The decor is sumptuous, the lighting perfect.  The surprisingly large menu might be described as gourmet Thai fusion, offering a delicate assembly of Thai dishes with a sophisticated and stylized approach.

The menu is priced well, and there is an extensive array of ‘Thai Tapas” offered in addition to the standard menu.  The wine list is extensive and well thought out.  The crew was Strip quality, on top of it without being in your face.  We started by recommendation with Word Famous Spinach Salad, which is actually tempura spinach, a signature dish.  It was everything it was cracked up to be.  I then ordered “Thai bouillabaisse” which was a much lighter spin on the classic Tom Ka Gai.  Consul Biggs Sparkuhl had a delicious and light Thai chicken salad.  We enjoyed a few glasses of a well-matched pino and moved on to the classic mango and sticky rice dessert, certainly a classic Thai dish, with a freshly pressed pot of french roast.  Everything was exceptional!

Nattaya’s fills up quickly, reservations are strongly recommended!  702-360-8885.

Comme Ça Restaurant in Cosmpolitan Las Vegas

Consul Biggs Sparkuhl at Comme Ça
Paulna enjoyed a light desert after a perfect lunch at Comme Ça

After an emergency meeting with an Undersecretary of Chile’s President Piñera at the Bellagio, Consul Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl was joined by the Jonathan Warren, the Consul of Monaco, for a late lunch.  Deciding to try one of the new restaurants at the Cosmopolitan, they made the easy walk through the Bellagio to City Center and the Cosmo’s third floor of restaurants.

Realizing that most of the sumptuous venues are closed between 3:00 pm and 5:30 as they get ready for the dinner crowd, they settled on trying the bar menu at Comme Ça, the French restaurant and where we had seen Steve Wynn at the VIP grand opening. 

Paulina ordered the Ocean Bisque, a soup made from various sea creatures.  “It was wonderful!”  She says, “Made with no cream and containing sumptuous chunks of various types of fish in the smooth, hot bisque.  It was both flavorful and filling!”

Consul Warren had the French Dip.  It is served on a soft potato roll instead of the typical sour dough.  The meat was of exceptional quality and freshness.  The French Dip is often a means for a chefs to dispose of day-old bread and dry roast beef, but this was certainly not the case here!   Consul Warren rated this as the best French Dip he had ever had, which is saying something when he has had them all over the US and France.    He says he is already craving another. 

For dessert (pictured) the pair shared three tiny ice-cream filled pastries, topped with crystalized sugar.  Consul Warren also had an espresso.  Both were the perfect chaser for a sumptuous lunch!  Prices were far from insulting, and a bargain when considering the surroundings.

They reported that the service was exceptional, as they have come to expect in Las Vegas.  Plenty of staff was entirely knowledgeable and at the ready always.  This of course adds to the luxurious atmosphere.  Comme Ça is impeccably designed, with no surface untreated.  The restaurant section has an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip, and a balcony open for dinner as well.  Both are looking forward to trying dinner by Chef David Myers too!

2011 World Series of Poker returns to Las Vegas

 WSOP Las Vegas 2011The 2011 World Series of Poker will again have its finale at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 

The series begins May 31 and continues until July 19, with the finale on July 7.  The  length of the event causes professional players to prefer private residences to hotels.  The better advised or more experienced book well in advance.

With the popularity of poker as something of a spectator sport, celebrity players say they also enjoy the privacy allowed by staying in a private mansion or residence, not to mention the ability to do so with other players who are on similar schedules.  The list of reasons gets longer every year:

Theater Room at Stardust Manor for WSOP Las Vegas
Theater Room at Stardust Manor

Poker table at Stardust Manor Las Vegas private mansion for WSOP
Poker table at Stardust Manor WSOP private mansion


  • Full kitchens
  • Pet friendly
  • Family friendly
  • On-site poker tables
  • Conducive to private groups
  • Free unlimited cable internet
  • Free phone calls in US and Canada
Lady Luck Manor for WSOP Las Vegas
Lady Luck Manor in Las Vegas

Chez Paulina’s most popular homes for the WSOP include Lady Luck Manor and Stardust Manor, where WSOP resident players have been big winners in the past. 

 The ever-increasing audience and player list includes many from overseas.  Chez Paulina’s relationship to the Nevada Consular Corps is helpful to these guests especially.  The Consul of Monaco in Las Vegas, in the news lately, has recommended Chez Paulina homes to players from the Principality.


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